Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. Let us explain you the way we work, how we do the shuttle services and some extra information.

  1. We pick you up straight from the airport of Guatemala city or the place you are staying in Guatemala city or Antigua.

  2. The whole trip takes around 3 hours, with no traffic, plus 15 more minutes on a boat ride if you are going to the Mystical Yoga Farm. We take the national route CA 2 of Guatemala.

  3. On the way, you will be able to see one of the active volacanoes in Guatemala called "Fuego", sugar cane fields, rubber tree fields and coffee plantations.  We will pass through different villages where we can make stops if you want to use the bathroom or buy something to eat.

  4. Finally, we will get in Santiago Atitlan, with a population of 65,000 inhabitants. Home of Tzutujil Mayan artists and musicians, also you will be able to see the three inactive volcanoes that are around Lake Atitlan. There are 12 towns around the lake and the most popular ones are Panajachel, San Pedro La Laguna, San Juan La Laguna, San Marcos La Laguna and San Lucas Toliman.

  5. We coordinate with the Mystical Yoga Farm boats to pick you up from the public dock of Santiago Atitlán or from the private dock of the hotel Bambu where you can have lunch or dinner before going to the farm.

  6. We will take you to your hotel/place if you are not going to the farm.


  1. Contact us to coordinate with the Mystical Yoga Farm boats to pick you up from the dock of the farm.

  2. We will take you to your hotel, hostel, house or airport. We always use the route CA 2 to go to Antigua or Guatemala city.


  1. If you are planning to come to Guatemala or the farm. We recommend you to pick the early flights arriving in Guatemala.

  2. Exchange your dollars at the airport if it is possible.

  3. If you are arriving too late night at the airport, you can stay in a hotel in Guatemala city or Antigua, then you can contact us to pick you up from there.